Think Globally. Shop-Locally. It’s a perfect fit.

Live local. Buy local. aims to change the world, not just make money. My company, The Crankset Group, is focused on the same thing. We’re going to do it together going forward. It’s possible you will benefit directly. We certainly intend for you to.

Colin Pape, founder of and I met via blogging and Twitter. Very quickly we found we share a common objective: to build infrastructures that empower local businesses everywhere to be the big dogs on their own block, and to see that there are advantages to being a local business that giant corporations can’t begin to tap into.

It is exciting to find and build a formal Strategic Alliance where everything we both do compliments the other company’s strengths, and as a result of us working together, all of our clients are better off.

The Power of Local offers everything online that a local business needs to grow and thrive, from local listings and full shopping cart to increased visibility and a place to be found by people dedicated to shopping locally.

Over the last ten years has built an impressive online infrastructure providing a gathering place for local businesses to showcase themselves to people who want to keep their hard-earned money from ending up in a corporate headquarters a thousand miles away. They have the domain strength of 8,000 cities worldwide and growing (,, and thousands of others), combined with unmatched offline advertising.

Shopping locally creates the “velocity of the dollar” – the more the same dollar gets spent locally, the more everyone including the local consumer benefits. Supporting independent local businesses increases the velocity of money in your area. We can help our towns best by shopping locally, and is far and away the best online infrastructure for bringing that to reality. They even promote local ownership and operation of their own systems.

What We Do That Compliments Them

The Crankset Group is committed to building locally-owned 3to5 Clubs for business owners, to help them get off the treadmill and use their business to build their Ideal Lifestyle. We intend to use 3to5Clubs (see, workshops, seminars, my books and speaking engagements to very intentionally support the growth of the network and provide ongoing local business training wherever is growing.

What We Intend to Happen’s online infrastructure and the offline business transformation support of The Crankset Group’s 3to5Clubs will work together to level the playing field, cast vision and provide the resources business owners need in order to capture and hold their local markets. He who makes the rules wins, and we look forward to assisting local business owners to create business rules that leave the big corporations wishing they were local.

It is rewarding to be part of such a strong vision to transform local business, and it’s a great honor to begin building that together with Colin Pape and

I’m excited to be part of’s Board of Advisors. Together we look forward to supporting local businesses throughout the world for decades to come, one business owner at a time.

Please go to to see how you can get connected to your own local business community, and email us at to inquire about a business owner’s 3to5Club forming in your area—or check out the new 3to5 Club website.