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One Thing All Managers Do That Drags Everybody to the Bottom

By Chuck Blakeman – Founder, Crankset Group@ChuckBlakeman Are you an HCD Leader or an LCD Manager? Managers always choose LCD, and drag everyone down with them. Management and leadership have nothing in common. Leadership has been around since the dawn of man, but management was lifted from middle age military models and replicated in business on a grand […]

We are all capable of more than we can imagine!

Some people defy the odds and do extraordinary things that stretch our view of the possible. Most of the people mentioned here are well known because of the popularity of their sports. Others in more obscure sports have accomplished more amazing feats, less for the glory and more for the challenge. Florida resident Amanda Coker, […]

Want Exponentially Better Production? Focus on People Instead

Traditional business training focuses the leaders on production. But research shows that focusing on the people instead is more likely to help your production. 95% of companies are still organized around the outdated Industrial Age factory system model that taught a focus on production. People were an ancillary, necessary evil to be managed, but the […]