Active in the Following Companies

Chuck Blakeman, Inc. – Founder; To Present – from 2011 ; (Speaking, writing, online cloud apps)

This business has grown out of Crankset Group as a stand-alone business. Wrote two books, one rated #1 Business Book of 2010, and the other as Top Ten Business Books of 2013. Keynote speaker worldwide; contributor to many business magazines.

Crankset Group – Founder; To Present – from 2006; (Advisory to CEOs/corporations and a vertical in dentistry) Advising CEOs and leaders on culture, leadership, self-managed teams. Started and grew the company to six full- time staff and twelve part-time staff Denver, San Francisco, Virginia Beach and Belfast, Ireland. Expected annual revenue in the next 10 years – $50million/yr+.

3to5 Club – Founder; To Present – from 2010; (Advisory Clubs for Small Business Owners) The objectives are to create healthy business growth and get to 50% of the leaders time a) unscheduled, and b) unavailable for crises (to lead). 3to5 Clubs are on four continents . Our objective is every city in the world with over 50,000+ in population. Expected annual revenue in the next 20 years – $500million/yr+.

Groupe Weyi International – Co-Founder; To Present – from 2011; (Low-profit African exporting company) Exporting from DR Congo. A for-profit business dedicated to solving poverty in Africa through capitalism (thousands of small and local businesses). Mr. Blakeman’s partner is a highly respected Congolese tribal and country leader, who is also committed to solving poverty there.

Inactive in the Following Companies

Holden Marketing Support Services – Co-Founder; 2001-2006; (Marketing company) $65 million/yr
Took five companies in three states with widely divergent products (printing, direct mail, call center, product fulfillment and web development) and integrated them into a single company as a single offering – “Marketing Support Services”. Revenues grew from $8 million to $15 million in the first two years. Received “Marketing Partner of the Year” award from Sun Microsystems in 2006. Left to start Crankset Group in 2006.

SourceOne Technologies – Founder; 1998-2000; – (IT/Database Development)
Started and grew a new division of SourceOne focused on database development for large corporations. Designed, developed and hosted databases and websites for companies Mr. Blakeman personally landed, including Microsoft, United Airlines, TAP Pharmaceuticals, and many others. Revenues exceeded $2 million/yr every year. Merged.

SourceOne Worldwide – Co-Founder; 1997-2001; (Fulfillment and Distribution)
Started and grew the company to $9 million/yr in three years. Landed clients like Microsoft, Seagate Technologies, Sun Microsystems, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Janssen Pharmaceutica (correct spelling), and many others. Sold to the largest consumer fulfillment company in America, (Young America, Corp.)

Creative Communications Design – Founder; 1994-1995; (website and creative agency) Broke even for one year; business closed as not viable (too early in the evolution of the internet).

Blakeman Landscape Architects – Founder; 1987-1991; – (Landscape architecture and installation)
Started and grew a landscaping business to $250,000/yr as a side business. Mr. Blakeman closed the business when he moved from New England to Denver.

The Navigators; National Team Leader; 1982-1992; (Non-profit leadership organization).
Opened grew and led seven new leadership operations in Virginia and New England in ten years. Raised $250- 500,000 per year in new funding, and managed $2-$3 million in existing funding.

Note: Mr. Blakeman was also in leadership of three other companies, The Hibbert Group ($60+ million), K/P Corporation ($100 million), and Young America Corporation ($100+ million), but Mr. Blakeman played no role in starting these companies, and did not have a significant role in growing them. So they are not listed above as part of his entrepreneurial business history.