#2 on Glassdoor for the best places to work across the country for companies under 1,000 employees AND #1 in Orange County for Mid-Size Companies!!

Very cool!

Thanks to Crankset for helping us get there!

Lane Rankin, Founder, Illuminate Education

Today was a great day even though we were down 1 doctor, 2 treatment coordinators and 3 assistants. We have been cross-training our stakeholders and to make 10 columns work, there was a collective playing of musical chairs today and it worked almost flawlessly (I was the weak link to keeping on time). Truly it was amazing, though I hope we don’t do it again too soon. I think what happened today was a direct reflection of our people taking the initiative and working as a team from hiring to training to implementing. Thank you for coaching us.

Dr. David Neil, Adventure Dental

This was great.  I feel very motivated to implement what already feels so natural.

Kurt Erickson, Roseman University

Chuck gives you insights to all the aspects of business that you don’t know you don’t know.

Valerie McDonough, Rock Quest

Empowering and inspiring.  Puts legs to the leadership model I have in my head, but have trouble putting into action.

Dan Bartz, First Ascent Climbing & Fitness

So insightful, thought provoking, engaging…so humanizing!

Lauren Lan, Creation Coach

“Thank you for the excellent presentation. The content allowed for applicable real take-away content to be utilized right away.”  Referring to Chuck’s presentation on How to handle the growing pains when a small company realizes tremendous growth and the importance of hiring and training the right people.

– Sabrah Wilkerson, Schellman and Company

Saw you speak at the We Mean Business breakfast.  You have successfully turned me on my head as to running our business.

-Rick Greene, Denver

The first two hours that focused on complexity, change, and uncertainty in the workplace were very helpful and provocative. The language used around complexity was much simpler and more accessible than other language I have seen on these topics. The case studies were also very helpful to see the materials in practice and to see how it applied to Google’s environment.

– Steffany Magid, People Development Department at Google

Enthusiastic, energetic master of the material.

-Chris Schellman, Schellman & Co, LLC

Chuck Blakeman’s proven approach to business unlocks individuals
potential, restores their dignity in the workplace, and unleashes
substantial profits. Game changing…..

Bud Handwerk, Convene Chair, Lancaster, PA

I read Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea and began aligning my business accordingly.  Thereafter, we enjoyed nearly zero turnover, national recognition for excellence in customer service and a perfect safety record.  That business was sold in 2016 for an industry leading multiple.

– Ken Watson