You never run out of money.

Perception is not reality.

We experience running out of money all the time. But that experience is not reality. Nobody runs out of money, we just think we do.

What is the real issue? We experience running out of money but what we really run out of is time.

Money can be printed and you can always figure out how to get more of it yourself. There are almost endless ways to increase your income.

You Can’t Manage Time
But you only have 168 hours in every week. No matter what you do, you can’t print or accumulate any more of it. However, “Time Management” is not even possible. If someone is selling you a Time Management seminar – run.

The only thing you can manage is your priorities. There are no excuses, there aren’t even reasons, there are just priorities. You eat, sleep, breathe and go to the bathroom because they are priorities. Time can’t be managed, but you can decide what is most important to do with the 168 hours you have each week.

More Money In Less Time
The business owner’s game (and really everyone’s game in business) is “How do I make MORE money in LESS time?” If we are playing the “More money in MORE time” game that we were all taught to play – “just work really hard and you’ll be successful” – you’re going to wear yourself out and not ever make the kind of money you want.

If you could create another 168 hours in your week, you could easily double your income. But again, you can’t manage time, only your priorities. What are you doing to make MORE money in LESS time? To do that, you’re going to need to figure out how to make money come in while you’re sleeping or on vacation. There are a few dozen ways to do that (outlined in my first book, Making Money Is Killing Your Business) – only one of them includes hiring employees.

Stop Playing Office
Stop trying to manage your time. Successful people figure out how to make more money in less time by changing their priorities and deciding the money-making part of their business is more important than the “playing office” part of their business.

Almost all of us waste at least 50% of our time playing office – doing things that will never make us more money, and doing things that are not the highest and best use of our time. But we “feel” productive doing them.

Manage Your Priorities
Stop trying to manage time. Manage your priorities. You’re likely to make a lot more money that way.

What is one way you are playing office right now? What other priority could you focus on to make MORE money in LESS time? Answering that question is a great way to start making money while you’re sleeping or on vacation.

Don’t experience running out of money. Figure out the few priorities for the 168 hours you have each week that will make you more money in less time.