#2 on Glassdoor for the best places to work across the country for companies under 1,000 employees AND #1 in Orange County for Mid-Size Companies!!

Very cool!

Thanks to Crankset for helping us get there!

Lane Rankin, Founder, Illuminate Education

Chuck Blakeman’s proven approach to business unlocks individuals
potential, restores their dignity in the workplace, and unleashes
substantial profits. Game changing…..

Bud Handwerk, Convene Chair, Lancaster, PA

Today was a great day even though we were down 1 doctor, 2 treatment coordinators and 3 assistants. We have been cross-training our stakeholders and to make 10 columns work, there was a collective playing of musical chairs today and it worked almost flawlessly (I was the weak link to keeping on time). Truly it was amazing, though I hope we don’t do it again too soon. I think what happened today was a direct reflection of our people taking the initiative and working as a team from hiring to training to implementing. Thank you for coaching us.

Dr. David Neil, Adventure Dental

This was great.  I feel very motivated to implement what already feels so natural.

Kurt Erickson, Roseman University

Chuck is a great speaker with great information and several tools to improve your business.

Brittani White, Summit Family Dentistry

Chuck did an amazing job of tailoring his presentation to our audience and keeping even the most skeptical of our group engaged. There was a strong buzz of conversation generated after the program which you don’t often see after a business program.

Talbot Wilt, Alpine Lumber

Very informative…a lot to learn about leading/business success.

Allie Davis, Academy of LDS Dentists

We are already planning to have Chuck back based on the incredible value of his first visit.

Harris Wheeler, Convene Chair, Birmingham, AL

In the 17 years of SCN, he was truly the BEST SPEAKER ever…and SCN prides itself on seeding the best speakers in the business. I had NO IDEA what a profound effect he and his message would have on the attendees.

Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, Founder, Speaking Consulting Network

Working with Chuck and his staff was an event planner’s dream from start to finish. They were prompt in meeting all of my requests and needs beforehand so I knew this was one less thing I had to worry about the day of the event.  Several of my members let me know they enjoyed this session a lot. He was engaging, entertaining and provided valuable information. The value we received for the cost was a no-brainer. We will certainly look for opportunities to have Chuck back again.

Jordan Trainor, Colorado Contractors Association

Overload of Greatness!

Trey Parker, DMD, Ogden, UT

The Group gained much value from the workshop and also found it interesting and stimulating. It was relevant to all of us with considerable ‘take-home’ value. [Chuck] had an easy engagement with members and that was appreciated.

Brent von Sierakowski, Chairman TEC 70

An eye opening look at what is holding you and your business back…and usually it is you!

Dr. Randall Smith, Millennium Family Dental

I greatly enjoyed the session. Our members tend to be more on the conservative side and Chuck’s presentation pushed their comfort zone a little, but that is EXACTLY why I wanted to bring him in. Great Speaker. Great content…and we could have gone even longer too.

Evan Abbott, Mountain States Employers Council

Really made me think about my leadership style and gave me some good direction.  My takeaways will reduce my stress and improve overall quality/quantity.

Jonny Fisher, DDS, Pullman, WA

I heard several comments from attendees that Chuck’s breakout was the one of the best workshop style sessions that they’ve attended at a conference.

Vanessa Solesbee, Workplace Revolution

Real world concepts for leaders

Kelly Bridenstine, DDS, Perfect Smiles Dental Care

Thank YOU Chuck for coming all this way to work with us. I have heard from several people that they made changes as soon as they went back to their offices.

Susan Helliwell, Chair for EO Atlantic, Nova Scotia

Powerful principles with proven success.

Keith Egan, USC School of Dentistry

We have not had a speaker who, within a half hour, was stirring the pot and generating questions and challenges from the group. He stood firm with stories to back up his philosophy and we shared a lot of laughs along the way.

Joe LaRussa, Chair Convene, San Diego, CA

Great stuff, Chuck. The group loved it!

Vistage, Sacramento, CA

A breath of fresh air with many solutions to common business problems.  Many good things presented – the books will help to review & implement.

James Bailey, DDS, Price, UT

Terrific speaker. Eye opening. One of the highlights of the conference!!

MFSA Conference, Charleston, SC

Very informative and applicable to every practice.

Keith Lever, DDS, Midvale, UT

This was our best event ever and Chuck was a very important part of making that a reality.

Ken Stiefler, We Mean Business Forum

Life changing & makes me think in a whole different way.

Todd Larsen, Fort Union Family Dental

Once again, SHRM has spurred provocative thinking by including Chuck Blakeman in the program. Thank you.

SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Exposition

Motivational, direct, well spoken

Lauren Pace, Utah College of Dental Hygiene

Once again my head was spinning at the end of the presentation as there was so much good content provided, I was simply trying to figure out where to start. Chuck’s message sounds like common sense when you hear it, yet it is obviously not so common as so few companies are run this way.

Nathan Mendel, CING

Paradigm shifting presentation.  Chuck gets it!

David Francis, Houston, TX

Invaluable tools for my toolbox.

Sarah Frank, Urban Ascent